Office Romance: Letting Love Flourish In The Workplace Jane Gerrard


Published: August 23rd 2012

Kindle Edition

34 pages


Office Romance: Letting Love Flourish In The Workplace  by  Jane Gerrard

Office Romance: Letting Love Flourish In The Workplace by Jane Gerrard
August 23rd 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 34 pages | ISBN: | 10.46 Mb

Table Of ContentsChapter 1: Signs That Your Co-worker Is Into YouHe’s always checking you outHe gives you special attentionHe talks to you most of the timeHe’s there to listenHe’s not against rumors about the two of youHe’s always flirting with youHe asks you out on a dateChapter 2: Dating in the workplace: Tips to make it workBe discreetClarify your relationship statusNever bring personal arguments into professional discussionsKeep your dating away from online territoryKnow each others interestConsider potential rivalriesSpend time apartDon’t jump into bed too quicklyAlways be ethicalTake some time off for each otherRules in dating a co-workerThe confessionThe assurance factorThe singles ruleThe talk about town (or office)The discussion before the takeoffStick to one ruleChapter 3: Do’s and don’ts in the boss-subordinate romanceA romance in the worksHassles of dating the boss/employerIt can be a natural occurrenceProceeding with cautionStigma of being the social climberPreying on the juniors?Avoid the traps of failed office affairsKeep it discreetAlways be professionalMove to a different departmentQuit your jobHow to deal with breakups in the officeHandle the issue like a grown upKeep the story short and sweetDon’t let it affect your workNever make it into an empathy competitionNever play up the dramaNever start a gossip about your exNever date someone in the office for revengeDon’t treat him or his friends with hostilityChapter 4: Things To Do Away From The OfficePursue each others interestsGo out for a date away from the officeSave the gifts for laterPlan your days off and take a tripGet to know his friendsOtherIntroductionLearn the real deal with dating a colleague and maintaining a fulfilling relationship.

Find out the possible traps and potential ways bywhich you can make the relationship be more than about a common hatred of your boss.Signs that your co-worker is into you: How do you know if a co-worker is into you or if he’s just really friendly? Avoid the guessinggame by looking out for some of these signs that he may be throwing at you.Dating in the workplace: 10 tips to make it work: Dating an office mate is one of the questionable but commonly done ways of meetingpotential partners.

But it doesn’t have to be too hard as long as you follow these 10 tips.Rules in dating a co-worker: Believe it or not, but there are set rules in office dating that you should respect and look out for.Do’s and don’ts in the boss-subordinate romance: Bosses and subordinates are usually on two polar ends at the office food chain.

But whathappens when both parties share one mutual feeling of romance?Avoid the traps of failed office affairs: Office romances do fail, just like other relationships, but there are simple ways on how to notbe one of those statistics.

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